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08 August 2005 @ 05:04 pm
Well, school is school. I was previously mildly excited about senior year and moreso about new clothes, but the excited has died somewhat. Except for the mother of all classes, musical theatre...everyone who is anyone (except of course you fine people who aren't) is in that class. It's gonna be hot. I mean, seriously. Except fundraising $150. Not hot. But manageable. English will be tolerable, I suppose. The sounds of "projects" and "short answer questions" fill my heart with dread, but whatever. Mrs. Wheeler seems terribly amusing. I refrain on passing judgement on Calculus yet because...I just don't know. And Econ/Gov is full of stupids so I'll just have to be friends with Mrs. Cave. Mmm, current events.

Okay, so currently Tinsletown is the only theatre around here still playing The Island, so if we want to go see it it'll have to be in Bristol. I like the idea of going one day after school this week and rebelling from the homework for some last fleeting moments, so let's go right after school some day to the 4:00 showing and then afterwards we can work on whatever project is due the next day. HA! Oh man...I keep telling myself I won't get senioritis but I am so going to. Anyway...up for that? Becca, you too.

...that's it.
skatertinkskatertink on August 9th, 2005 03:23 pm (UTC)
I cant believe its your first week of school and you already have projects. My first week of COLLEGE i probably wont even have any projects. WTF? hahha I love you BONBONNN.
Love your dearest butterfly