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17 June 2005 @ 11:09 pm
Hello loves. Just wanted to leave a farewell entry, as we are leaving for JI tomorrow. I heart you all muchly. Have some fun for me and don't miss me too much. Ha.

23 May 2005 @ 02:58 pm
Well well well, I have finally seen they new Star Wars. With the way everyone was talking about it, it seemed that everyone thought it was just okay, but I was very impressed with it. Hayden has greatly improved since the second one. And is still hot. And there were some throwbacks to the original movies that I liked a lot, i.e. a lot of the buildings, especially near the end of the movie (the white hallways, and vader's ship). It rocked me. Let me tell you, I am quite glad that I saw it at the Cinemall. The sound there is amazing. The low parts seriously rumbled my internal organs. Gah.

And speaking of the cinemall, let me just say EWAN MCGREGOR AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I will not elaborate as I as well as Emily have posted explanations in my xanga and her lj... but GO THERE. Okay? Please.

My training is tomorrow and Wednesday for the theater...I'm somewhat nervous...I don't really want to work a million hours this summer. I like my free time. Bah. Cross your fingers that they will be nice when scheduling me. Also, please come visit! I will love you. Marquee Cinemas in the mall, in case you've forgotten.
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16 March 2005 @ 09:07 pm
stolen from Stephanie:

I don't know why moja_tajna went all psycho over me and underthecellar having a little fun.

What sucks is that r4dical told me that superstarczar told loki519 and iniquitousfiend that they saw me talking to i_heart_cesium and backstabbing ivymoss. Yeah right! And yeah. You might guess I don't give a flying f*** what they think anymore. I'm over that.

Hey and know what? it's so not fair that I have this morning off but nobody wants to do anything :-(. I'll just sit home alone and wish I was dead.

Oh yeah. that jerk ivymoss gone and said that I got caught talking crap about superstarczar.

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That's a lot of drama.
10 March 2005 @ 08:07 pm
time for an icon change...

in honor of my favorite Girl Scout, I present...


part one of the series.
10 March 2005 @ 07:24 pm
ok...you guys are livejournal beasts until I post and then you die. wtf.

this research paper is getting nowhere fast...I have no idea what to say to prove my thesis statement. argh. I have all these disjointed ideas but no idea how to make them fit together. Blah.

Is going to Diane's before the prom okay with everyone? If not that's totawwy cool... I just thought it was a tasty and less expensive option. If not, we could still go to Sloopy's, or go crazy and go somewhere really nice...whatev. As long as I get to eat.

THEATRE!!!!!!!! is boring.
29 January 2005 @ 11:28 am


Raoul was mos def a hottie/good singer (I was a little afraid for a bit) but the Phantom...oh my Lordie. Rape, please. Like, ok, "Past the Point of No Return"? *die*

There were a few hokey moments. But easy to ignore, they were. We should totally rock the prom with Masquerade gear. Bring fans. Which would totally work for me because I'm wearing a black and cream dress. Muahaha.

Ok. That's enough.
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30 December 2004 @ 03:35 pm
Hmmm...interesting. I actually like Macbeth.


Finally finished Lord of the Flies this morn, and am all the way to Act 3 of Macbeth. Rock and freakin' roll. Maha!

How was...sniff...phantom, ems? *tear*
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29 December 2004 @ 06:56 pm
Ugh. My poor teeth sockets.


Ok, so...where does one go about finding sparkling grape juice in this here town? I recall you having some last year, Emily...where did you find?

And what's your favorite stuff to dip in fondue? Bread, of course...any kind of veggies anyone prefers?

I really like Snicket. I have now seen it twice. Maha! I was fully prepared to see Spanglish the other night (justin...asked me...squee.) but our pizza took too long, so we mosied about the mall. Was slightly bummed out. Will have to make another date to see that, as I really enjoy Adam Sandler in movies when he's not trying to be hilarious.

Wow. I am so boring. My apologies.
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28 December 2004 @ 03:19 pm
Got the wisdom teeth pulled today. And let me just say: All of you who mocked my pain previously, I hope you all have to have yours viciously ripped out too. (Ena is the only one safe from this, as she was not present at the time.) Put that in your pipes and smoke it, biotches.

It sucks a lot, let me tell you.

I have chipmunk syndrome.

If you are laughing now, may God smite you down.
25 December 2004 @ 10:11 pm
Heddo my lovelies, I hope you had a very wonderful Christmas. And since Stephanie did this, I totally can too.

-CELL PHONE. 292-1695. Call. (I love my parents.)
-4 new dress shirts, cream turtleneck sweater, grey off-shoulder shirt, hoodie, 3 pairs pj pants, 2 pairs jeans, yellow Tour de France shirt, cycling jersey, 2 deliciously soft pairs of socks, leg warmers (!), a bra & undies. heee.
-pair of skank boots
-pair new balance tennis shoes
-CDs: Nickel Creek, Hanson (!), Beatles (revolver & yellow submarine), christmas CD that steffen burned me.
-DVDs: Eternal Sunshine, Spiderman 2, Kill Bill vol. 2, the Day After Tomorrow, Harry Potter, and John Mayer AGT live(from Justin, squee!)
-the 9th and 10th Snickets, and a Steven King book of 14 stories (from Steffen!)
-neat purse
-loads of orange Trident
-Barnes & Noble card ($50(!)), wal-mart card ($20)
-James Dean calendar
-smooshie pillow
-cute coinpurse
-nalgene (water bottle)
-new swimsuit
-new goggles

and I think that's all.

Brooks and I just went to see 'Unfortunate Events' and I was actually pleasently surprised, especially since I've read the books. Klaus & Violet (or perhaps their respective actors) are faaaabulous, and Jim Carey is hilarious, and GO SEE IT. ahem. I loves me some Klaus, I think. Wow, he's wee. I'm a dirty old woman. Alas.
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